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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Two big media presentations, and bonus phlegm

I thought 60 Minutes and reporter Scott Pelley did a very good job with their global warming story tonight. I did not see anything new in the report, but that does not matter considering the audience they can potentially reach and others that they can irritate (Matt Drudge appears hopping mad about it, he claims "more Bush bashing", tee hee). I only suggest that Pelley's trip to Greenland for a photo-op that lasted all of 10 seconds may add more to global warming than it achieves in raising awareness of melting glaciers.

On the other hand, CNN's report on oil depletion, called We Were Warned, added little and perhaps confused the issue a bit. As a commenter at TOD noted, and I did not catch initially, the report never formally mentioned the term "Peak Oil". Kind of odd, that. I listened only on satellite radio and thought the whole report sounded quite breathless. It reminded me a bit as if the hack at Dateline NBC, Keith Morrison, delivered the report.

To tie Bush and PeakOil together, hop aboard the SS Lietanic and read what Stirling Newberry has to say about the listing ship christened BushCo.
It's just they finally got their culminating President - the next Democrat may be like Nixon - someone who talks future while governing past. But it doesn't matter the narrative has shifted. The intellectual classes are finally all over peak oil - I see half a dozen books on the shelf which reference or rely on it in a NH Barnes and Noble's - with two more I know are coming out soon.

Even the "beer bash bush" meme is dying: 39% in an NBC Wall Street Journal poll gave Bush Very or Somewhat positive, while 50% said negative. The cable conservatives like tweety Matthews and Shill O'Reilly are parts of a dying Bush Oyster Cult. Their praerie oysters belong to Bush.

So why is the SS Lietanic going down? It isn't that peak oil has slammed us yet, even though inflation is coming, it is already working its way into the future's markets. It is that Bush was given a mandate to solve certain problems, get them out of the way. Snuff out the terrorists, snuff out Saddam and get the boys home by Christmas. Instead this Budget is the most massive bloatware since Windows 2000... A monument to innumeracy.

The Lietanic is going down because of its own lies. The military thinks we are in Iraq to avenge 911, that is why there is a huge attempt to "around the filter" a study that simply lies about the state of the intelligence in trying to connect Saddam with 911. There is already a right wing reporter sniffing around the story trying to find a way to mainstream the lie into the press. What I've heard about his efforts off the record wouldn't be printable in the newspaper he works for.
The "sniffing reporter" likely has support in the form of AssMissile at PowerLyinBlog.com exemplified by his post titled "Eureka, I Think". Egads, nothing beats including a disclaimer in the title when you write about a connection between 9/11 and Iraq! The guy works as a lawyer, you know.1

I will skip the disclaimer and just state "Iraq, The Failed Battle for Oil".

1If you need a reminder of how a corporate lawyer works his magic, listen to the podcast of the AssMissile speaking. Paraphrasing he says "The International Terrorist Surveillance Program is legal, so the whole premise of the censure (of Bush) is wrong." Oh my gawd, as I listen to the H-Man squeakily hyper-exaggerate, I constantly have images running through my mind of Mr. Haney from Green Acres trying to sell me some crackpot scheme. Don't believe me? Then listen here.

And another thing, anybody notice the striking resemblance between RNC chair Ken Mehlman (right) and the character named "Eb" (below) from Green Acres? As I recall, Eb constantly tried to get on the good side of Eddie Albert's Oliver character, hoping to latch on in some capacity.

Eb fixes Alice's "broken egg maker"

Mr. Haney tries to sell Oliver a "College Kit"


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