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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


If media reaction serves as an indicator of the outrage, I would presume that we will soon hear "more strip mining" as a safer alternative to coal mining. I predict the first talking points will come out of the Druggie Limbaugh show. His favorite whipping boys, the "eco-nazis" will become the target of blame for what happened in West Virginia.


Professor Anonymous Earth Sentinel said...

This is incredibly macabre news. There seems to have been quite a few underlying problems, with this mine and the industry as a whole that caused this incident.

The greater tragedy is that we still rely on an incredibly dirty fossil fuel to power our lives, when nuclear is both safer and renewable if used properly.

You can find all my reasons for preferring nuclear, as well as commentary about the Chinese coal situation (6500 deaths per year) at Earth Sentinel where you will also find peak oil, renewable energy, and climate change news.

6:51 AM  

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