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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Words-in-mouth disease

James Glassman from his Tech Central Station command post supervises the wingnut Intellectual Dishonesty department with his ability to put words in the mouth of a subject. Daniel Yergin, though a bit misguided himself, had the misfortune of getting PhotoShopped by TCS. In a few years, we will have a mordant chuckle over that image.

glAssman summarizes the interview he did with Yergin thusly:
As you can see, Dan Yergin is separating the myths from the reality. The political overreaction could actually be counterproductive when it comes to trying to solve the problems of energy. In fact, it's fairly straightforward -- the best way to get energy prices down is by increasing supply, to some extent reducing demand, which happens anyway in response to higher prices. But how do we increase supply? Not by political intervention. That disrupts capital markets, makes investors think, well, maybe putting money into energy companies is not the best use if there's going to be political repercussions to doing that. So, perhaps Speaker Hastert, Senator Lieberman, Senator Dorgan, and others who are responding in an earnest, and heartfelt way to the complaints of their constituents about higher oil and gas prices, are really doing exactly the wrong thing. We need to make markets work. That is Dan Yergin's advice. Sounds sound to me.
It serves Yergin right for consenting to an interview with TCS. Not that Yergin, himself doesn't lean right, but Glassman effectively inserted wingnut talking points where none existed. Shameful how he frames Yergin as advocating a stick-your-head-in-the-sand solution.


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