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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Commie Pinko Bay Watch

Purported right-wing military blogger, Austin Bay, advocates socialism to redistribute wealth in Iraq.
Iraq, long plundered by despots, should be a wealthy country. It has water, an agricultural base, a source of capital (oil) and people willing to work. It is the best place to begin to reform the dysfunctional political systems that shackle and rob the vast majority of Middle Easterners. Success in Iraq would create conditions to break the region's endless cycle of robbery and violence. It would also force angry Middle Eastern Muslims to finally confront the inadequacies of their own societies, instead of blaming Europe, the United States and Israel for their centuries of fossilization and decline.

Success in Iraq means spreading wealth and curbing corruption. Iraq desperately needs to become an ownership society, for economic stakeholders are political stakeholders.
Invariably, "Spreading the wealth" serve as codewords among the wingnut fringe to indicate a cliched progressive slant on things. Bay appears to have come out -- "not that there is anything wrong with that." :
Well said. The Iraqi people need to put an oil trust referendum on their next national ballot.
Perhaps Bay has spent some time researching other socialist economies. I imagine Hugo Chavez's recent views about the future of the world's oil economy may also soon resonate with Colonel Bay (ret.).
Chavez [audio transcribed]: We have to use oil in a rational manner. We're asking people to use oil rationally and we are taking measures in Venezuela. For instance, now we are producing green gasoline, we no longer have leaded gasoline. I'm asking the rest of the world to do the same. We're interested for instance in alternative sources of energy, such as wind and solar sources; the peaceful uses of nuclear. We need to be rational in sources of energy. We're in a large debate on the energy crisis to stop consumption.

The proposed title for Bay's next little toy video wargame:
Comrades in Arms: Workers Control the Means of Production

Oh yeah, Def'n: a miserable failure: George W. Bush, George Bush, George Walker Bush.


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