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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Network Debutt

Recently annointed oil depletion spokesman Preparation-H Raymond made one of his semi-regular appearances today on NBC's Conan O'Brien late night show. Primarily there to lament the real possibility of a Perparation-H shortage, Raymond urged viewers to engage in conservation measures:
If you use one drop more,
shame on you, you filthy whore.
The man has a point; Preparation-H contains over 70% Petrolatum, a petroleum distillate. What a way to welcome the network audience to Peak Oil, Raymond.

Just thinking about the future gives me a painful itch.


Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a long time bicyclist I used to get them until I figured how to fill a small grease gun with melted Vasoline. It's clean and easy to give yourself a couple of squirts before going riding. If you forget and start to feel something, what works even better than Cortisone is to shove in a couple of (partially melted) ice cubes.

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Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

From NationalLedger.com

Consider America's Enemies
By Marie Jon'
Aug 6, 2005

Every day we are forced to listen to ever more nauseating diatribe coming from the far left. It is high time these Americans stop their blather and get real. Little regard is shown for America's safety when the far left uses inflammatory words to relentlessly attack every action of the president of the United States.

This is not healthy political discourse that we are hearing. The ridiculous rhetoric not only demoralizes our heroic men and women in the military who are fighting to protect the rest of us, but it also serves to rally those seek the destruction of our nation. It has got to stop for the good of all America.

Where is the American spirit that is so crucial to overcoming the real and inescapable problem of Islamic terrorism? It still shines in the hearts of Americans who love their country. But all too often, it is being overshadowed by the dismal predictions and accusations of those who seek their own personal gains at the expense of America’s success in the terror war.

The need is now greater than ever for ordinary American citizens to remain united under a patriotic partisanship. The total lack of self-control and restraint being displayed by Democrats in Congress, as well as many others in key positions across this land, hold the potential to become prophetic words for those who cling to the hope of our nation’s eventual destruction! By continually speaking them, liberals are serving a cause which can reap destruction on themselves as well.

Those far-left bomb throwers in all venues of the media certainly do not escape guilt. The “Air America” radio network is not merely a bunch self-absorbed talk show hosts who daily misrepresent the truth and use filthy obscenities as part of their vocabulary. Practically assuming the role of “insurgents,” they use words instead of explosives. But by working so diligently against American success, they increase likelihood of American people once again suffering attacks right here in our own streets.

By their incendiary dialog, these verbal bomb throwers continually attempt to distract attention from the real dangers at hand, while at the same time breeding a lack of respect for our fellow countrymen and leaders who are seeking the security of our homeland. Are they truly unaware of how much more difficult they are making the job of those who are giving their “all” to win the War on Terror?

We all had just better wise up a people! It is no exaggeration to warn that America may well be attacked once again. London, Madrid, and the countless other sites of terror attacks throughout the world prove that no land, no city, and no individual is completely immune to such a fate. The terrorists have been successful in that no absolutely safe “haven” exists anywhere in which people can completely let down their guard and pursue their daily interests with complete indifference to the possibility of sudden death and destruction.

The unceasing efforts of liberals to drag the Bush administration into a mire of criticism can only make the job of the terrorists that much easier. Thus it feeds the enemies within our gates. If the far left in this country continues in this degrading disrespect for our president and our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, all of America may well reap the bad seeds it sows.

By continuing this fight, the far left gives aid and comfort to terrorist cells here in America, every bit as much as the insurgents in Iraq and anyplace else they call home! The left has shown where its “loyalties” lie, and has essentially assumed the role of America’s homegrown enemy.

Fatwas are inspired and stimulated by liberal American big mouths speaking seditious lies! Terrorism is all of America's problem, and that includes those who seem to believe they can somehow play games with the proper American response to it without endangering themselves and their families. Wake up, those of you on the left. It also is your own future, your own security, and your nation that is at stake!

Marie attends nursing school in her state. She loves people of all ages, ethnicity, religions, creeds or color. She is a born again Christian that shares her faith openly.

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Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Company of Heroes"
" Tell those who disagree to shut up or be made to feel the stings of an outcast! "
By Marie Jon'

Some weeks back, leftist TV producer Steven Bochco attempted to pull off yet another effort to turn the American public against the troops who are presently deployed in Iraq. American troops have since spoken out about the airing of Steven Bochco's new TV program, entitled "Over There." Bochco's Biased Bile by Michael Fumento

Many found the TV show disingenuous. Steven Bochco has had a history of pandering to the Democrat Party causes with his money and his talent.Steven Bochco's federal campaign contributions But does such a man ever think about his country or the men and women he is denigrating? Michael Fumento: Bochco’s Botched and Biased 'Over There'

Recently, the Fox network aired "Breaking Point: Company of Heroes" a riveting two hours of the real "Over There." To many viewers, the situation it portrayed was nothing less than surreal to see, hear and ponder in amazement. The program contained real words with real people at a very real time just before the people of Iraq so bravely went out to vote. Reporter's Notebook: Company of Heroes

Clearly, those Americans who made it happen are a company of heroes, whether they are fighting now or have been brought home after giving the ultimate sacrifice. Heroes, like those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, never die defeated or shamed. America as well as all of the civilized world owe these committed men and women constant respect and loving gratitude. An American Hero Goes to Fallujah We need to show them our support in good kind words as well as deeds.

One individual with much to say about the new TV program called "Over There" fraudulent portrayal of is Tony Spain of the United States Air Force.http://tonystwocentsworth.81x.com Write to Tony Spain airborne82ndaa@yahoo.com

Quotes From Spain "After watching FX’s new drama about an Army Squad in Iraq called “Over There” I concluded about the only thing they got right were the uniforms."

"As someone who has been over there it was easy to see that this new show was nothing more than a well produced, visually stimulating, Steven Bochco, Hollywood creation that takes a sharp left turn from reality."

"Now I understand that this is a Hollywood production and some military tactics are changed for a more dramatic effect. Which is why I am not going to mention the mistakes made in dialogue and military tactics used in the show. However, Steven Bochco’s depiction of the war scenarios and the character setups are bias and false."

"Let us begin with the scenario. In FX’s “Over There” an Army squad, lead by Sgt. Scream, is dug in and holding its ground around a mosque while officers negotiate with terrorists inside. An Al Jazeera reporter is inside the mosque with terrorists broadcasting live which is the reason for the negotiations. (Al Jazeera has been kicked out of Iraq indefinitely by the Iraqi National Government by the way)."

"Sgt. Scream, complains that they are stuck holding their ground so some General can look good on TV. So there they are dug in for thirty six hour siege while officers in Baghdad drink their coffee in the green zone, play to the media and negotiate with terrorists."

"In the real war, the commanders on the ground would have returned fire, the mosque would have been hit hard and probably destroyed before anyone could figure out what was going on. The following day, the news media would be drilling the military about how they destroyed a mosque and killed an Al Jazeera reporter. The Arab world would scream bloody murder and the anti war left would demand that Sgt. Scream and his squad be investigated for war crimes because they killed a group of surrendering terrorists."

"That is what would happen in the real war, as has been shown in places like Fallujah. But showing what really happens and how the media operates in Iraq is not what Hollywood wants. To show that the military made the right decision would make the media and anti-war left look bad."

Lately the Democratic Party's primary cause seems to be to tell lies and make false accusations about all things related to the terror war. A 9/11 Congressional investigation during last year’s campaign season is now under great suspicion concerning it's findings and their total lack of credibility, on account of new information that has come to light within these past few days.

In the meantime our brave troops stand along side with the good people of Iraq. Today, history is being made. A formerly enslaved country, that posed a definite threat to America as a result of its leader’s fanatical pursuit of power, is fighting for its right to determine its own future, and to be free. It would be a strategic disaster to leave Iraq now, and thus to fall into the hands of the insurgent Islamic extremists.

Heroism, however it was forged, is clearly seen on the faces of many of the Iraqi men, women and little children that stand side by side with American and coalition troops. They will their lives to be in peace. The Iraqi people fight the fight to win, and never intend to lose their freedoms again! Theirs is a fight against the very evil that was given them under Saddam’s brutal dictatorship. By his hand, their daily existence was constantly in peril, and many hundreds of thousands were slaughtered.

During two hours of footage an imbedded reporter exposed what really took place in the most wicked and brutal city in Iraq,. Fallujah What was seen and discovered was deplorable debauchery at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Young and old, men women and children, were found in their homes brutally beaten to death. They were tortured for the thrill of torturing. Arms and legs were torn off. Women's decapitated heads were found along with walls that reeked of splattered and dried human blood.

Chemical factories were discovered; containing all sorts of concoctions intended to kill millions of Iraqi people and coalition troops. Tons of every variety of military ammunition was found in Mosques and deserted homes. Syringe needles were found that had been used by the terrorists to inject themselves with drugs.

It was American troops that finished the work of clearing out that wretched place before the very first election could be realized and witnessed by the whole world. But on that day, the freedom loving people of Iraq went forth and made history happen.

No withdrawal from Iraq can happen until these people are fundamentally able to take care of themselves. Those who wish less for these Iraqi people need to be shamed and shunned at every turn. They are desecrating the incredible accomplishments of our troops, along with the graves of all those who have died fighting for Iraqi freedom. They are also stepping on the goals and dreams of the Iraqi people in their fight for freedom!

Our American and coalition troops as well as President G. W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair are to be revered, not sullied or mocked over what has been accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is high time for defenders of American and English interests to tell any who disagree to shut up or be made to feel the stings of being an outcast!

9:35 AM  
Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

War Against The War - On Terror
By Marie Jon'

Did defense intelligence officials identify ringleader Mohammed Atta and three other hijackers as al Qaeda members more than a year before 09/11? That’s what Lee Hamilton, co-chair of the now disbanded 09/11 Commission, wants to know.

When the 09/11 Commission was reviewing government mistakes that led to the successful attacks of 09/11, the alleged defense intelligence surveillance of Atta and his al Qaeda cell was not even on its radar screen. “Had we learned of it obviously it would’ve been a major focus of our investigation,” Hamilton, a former Democratic congressman from Indiana told the press.

The missing information, vital to the Commission’s investigation, appears to be among the secret documents Clinton national security adviser Sandy Berger was busily stuffing in his pants and socks. Some of those documents supposedly involve Ali Mohammed, an Egyptian al Qaeda member with strange links to the CIA and FBI and the al Qaeda operations against the World Trade Center in both 1993 and 2001. At the moment, like Berger’s stuffed papers, Ali Mohammed is missing, from the prison system no less.

And whom is Berger trying to protect: the secret defense intelligence surveillance unit? More likely, Berger wants to hide information about the intrusion of Clinton administration lawyers that prevented the defense intelligence unit from turning their information over to the FBI. After all, among the problems the 09/11 Commission cited was a lack of coordination across intelligence agencies.

We are at war! Our troops are dying on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan. Half our country no longer understands what the war against terror is about. The information vital to understanding our vulnerabilities is stuffed into the pants of a corpulent national security adviser more concerned with protecting the reputation of his administration than the national security. The Democrats have been relentless critiques of the war, and, yet, it now appears that they were responsible for making us vulnerable to a terrorist cell that was in the cross hairs of a special operations unit in our military.

They were not taken out, not even turned over to the FBI, because the Clinton administration put the liberties of the terrorists above the lives of our countrymen.

To the left it is a game about process, spin, and ultimately power. What are Hillary’s chances to become president if her husband’s administration’s zeal for process resulted in three thousand of our fellow Americans being incinerated?

Our lives remain in jeopardy as the politicization continues.

A grieving mother, Cindy Sheehan who denigrates her son’s sacrifice is now a major part of the spin. Her need to trash the president is so great that she refuses to see that her son died to set people free and to protect America from future attacks. She uses her fallen son’s memory as a weapon against the president, and, in the process, she has become the gold star mother of the left.

During the 09/11 hearings, grandstanding, brominating and spin, not the quest for truth, were the norm. The audience erupted into applause when the president was under fire.

And as President Bush was being assailed, Sandy Berger was stuffing his pants with top-secret documents to prevent the American public from learning the truth about the presidency of William Clinton.

The hearings became politicized as did the appearances of 09/11 families across the broad spectrum of TV shows were they could express their feeling that George W. Bush, and not al Qaeda, was responsible for 09/11. Left wing organizations and Mrs. Heinz Kerry were there to make sure that ample funds were available for these people to repeatedly appear on the circuit of TV shows.

Clearly, the 09/11 hearings were not a means to repairing the national security, but to hold President Bush accountable for an attack that now appears his predecessor could have prevented. The release of the Commission’s report as the campaign raged speaks for itself. The omission of the critical materials on the defense intelligence operation against Atta and his fellow terrorists tells us that the Democrats used the Commission to manipulate the outcome of the election, not to get at the truth.

Still the propaganda war swirls around Cindy Sheehan, who is obsessively denigrating her son so as to defame the president.

And where will Cindy Sheehan and the anti-war crowd be if and when we discover that the Clinton administration could have prevented the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan by stopping the 09/11 hijackers? Where will their anger be when they learn that the Clinton administration was so eager to protect the liberties of terrorists that it caused the deaths of thousands of our citizens and set into motion two costly and bloody wars?

Will Cindy Sheehan be cursing William Jefferson Clinton and Sandy Berger? Will the anti-war crowd travel the circuit of TV shows to defame Clinton? Will Clinton’s name draw public derision in the same circles as Bush’s does?

Don’t count on it! Like Judas, the left seeks to betray America, first by selling out this symbol of human freedom, and then by embracing national suicide as the inevitable consequence of its actions.

We let them to do so at our peril.

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Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was all that a response to my ideas about hemerhoid treatment? Facilitating bicyling is "a nauseating diatribe from the far left." I'm lucky enough to have only vaguely heard of this Marie Jon. Not that I actually read it. Is this some new kind of spam?

Google "Mobjectivism" gives only one hit. An Ayn Rand site. I didn't bother to look further. It seems to me that it has two contradictory connotations. The Opinion of the mob as the source of objective truth, or, conversely, the objective study of mob opinion.

Isn't Alan Greenspan a devotee of Ayn Rand?

5:20 PM  
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