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Monday, August 15, 2005

Mixed Emotions

From the PeakOil.com message board, someone asked about abiotic oil.
Of course, I don't believe oil is abiotic, but I still have not read any explanation why methane cannot be abiotic that satisfies me, but I am not an expert in this.
The definitive story:
  • Methane is biological when it comes out of your anus.
  • It is chemically formed when one carbon atom combines with 4 hydrogen atoms.

If not, watch this video of methane formation recommended by the Seditionists at Air America Radio this morning. Thanks to the media center at Oral Roberts University (?!?) for their documentarian prowess.

Apparently, this type of media criticism proves too harsh for the right wing Air America Radio critics:
All my radios have a V chip, similar to TV sets. It prevents Air America from being received.

As a matter of fact, I recently put a V-chip in my teeth, so that my fillings don't pick up the evil AAR when I go to sleep at night.

Too insane?

Not when former Gov. Tommy "Tommy" Thompson took the bait, and has become a head of cattle by bodily implanting something called a VeriChip to help other people track his own movements.

Not insane enough?

James Wolcott, as good a radio guest as a writer, could not contain himself upon hearing that Bush made this "immortal statement" about his priorities : "But. I think it's also important for me to go on with my life." And then Bush commenced to participate in a two-hour bike ride with his entourage. Upon which Wolcott said to Mark and Marc: "That's the kind of thing that actresses say after a porn tape has been made of them"

At least to me, a two-hour bike ride sets a fine example. Bush, living in the WH, never has to commute. Listen to Bush as he subliminally points us to the way of the future. In other words, let's harness that human energy -- gassy or not.

For fans of AAR out there, sad news that Lizz Winstead's father passed away over the weekend.


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