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Sunday, August 14, 2005


Air America Radio broadcast an interview with author Mark Hertsgaard this morning on Betsy Rosenberg's EcoTalk program. I have listened to EcoTalk with some regularity over the past year even though they air it at 6 AM Sunday morning (the usual spot for public affairs programs on most radio stations). A former network journalist, Rosenberg tears through a ton of topics in her specialty of environmental reporting.

This particular segment had the two discussing nuclear power and peak oil. Hertsgaard provided some well reasoned arguments against nuclear power (i.e. nuclear advocates never mention construction costs) and cut to the chase concisely on peak oil.

Podcast here (MP3)

Another segment features Borasage from the Apollo Alliance.

At some point, AAR will want to schedule EcoTalk for broadcast at some other time. Fortunately, podcasts don't obey a schedule.


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