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Saturday, August 06, 2005

The National Ledger Accepts Submissions

From the files of the fragile:
Consider America's Enemies
By Marie Jon'
Aug 6, 2005
Those far-left bomb throwers in all venues of the media certainly do not escape guilt. The "Air America" radio network is not merely a bunch self-absorbed talk show hosts who daily misrepresent the truth and use filthy obscenities as part of their vocabulary. Practically assuming the role of "insurgents," they use words instead of explosives. But by working so diligently against American success, they increase likelihood of American people once again suffering attacks right here in our own streets.

By their incendiary dialog, these verbal bomb throwers continually attempt to distract attention from the real dangers at hand, while at the same time breeding a lack of respect for our fellow countrymen and leaders who are seeking the security of our homeland. Are they truly unaware of how much more difficult they are making the job of those who are giving their "all" to win the War on Terror?
Marie attends nursing school in her state. She loves people of all ages, ethnicity, religions, creeds or color. She is a born again Christian that shares her faith openly.

This makes me almost want to stop listening..... Nah.

Update: I bring up this pretty sad opinion piece by the pretentiously named Marie Jon' because I don't happen to think of the Air America staff as bomb-throwers. As I watch the Sunday morning bobbleheads, I notice, as usual, that the PetroChemicalAgro conglomerates (today including BP on Meet The Press) do most of the advertising and underwriting. Why, only these advertisers? I don't claim to total naivete, yet I only figured this out through an explanation via Randi Rhodes of Air America Radio. She explained that as long as the ADM's, Exxxon's, and others underwrite the Sunday talk shows, the hosts, including Tim Russert, will not discuss our current fossil fuel predicament and avoid bad mouthing our guvmint's corporate-driven oil policy.

How's that for faith, MJo?

Advertisers like Archer-Daniels Midland certainly do not market to the ordinary consumer on Meet The Press; instead they buy influence, or in gang terminology, hush money. Guess the bomb-thrower in this scenario? Well, I would consider it more like odorless poisonous gas delivered by the true gasbags of the airwaves -- the Sunday morning and cable news show pundits. Malloy, Sedar, Maron and the rest of the AAR crowd don't hold a candle to the poisonous atmosphere created by the influence-peddling syndicate comprising the mass media airwaves.


Professor Blogger peaknik said...

I couldn't agree with you more....I can't get AAR where I live but I do listen to NPR--at least it's available! At least they cover news in-depth that you don't normally hear about in MSM. I can't stand cable news anymore.

6:29 PM  
Professor Blogger WHT said...

On NPR, Terry Gross does an excellent job fitting in guests with expertise on oil depletion and related subjects. The underwriting that NPR gets from the conglomerates evidently is not enough to make them avoid the subject.

7:53 PM  

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