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Friday, February 04, 2005

Want Some Wood?

Bob Whitson posted news on the latest political machinations surrounding Bush's "Clear Skies" plan at Howling at a Waning Moon.
The president's plan spells out new air pollution rules governed by a "cap and trade" system that allows utilities to buy and sell rights to pollute within broad limits.
Trading for pollution sounds like an excellent idea. We certainly have enough to go around. I would further suggest that anything in great supply should get serious consideration as a bartering tool. Here's a few more excellent ideas I will offer up:
  1. Trading in lies for partial-half truths
  2. Trading in torture for right-wing radio
  3. Trading in oil for flatulent gas-bags
  4. Trading oil-for-food (as in "The Oil We Eat") for oil-for-food pseudo-scandals

Al Franken was on Letterman tonight. Evidently Al did a show at Abu Ghraib (!) during his Iraq/Afghanistan USO tour from a few weeks ago. Dave asked him how the show went. Why Al didn't give the obvious comedian-auto-response of "It was torture, man!", we'll never know.


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