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Thursday, February 03, 2005


Big Gav has a post up called The Sum Of All Fears. Having not seen the movie or read the book by Tom Clancy, I understand that the plot-line involved terrorism at the Super Bowl. Actually, whenever I see that title, I remember the movie that won the Oscar that particular year, "A Beautiful Mind". A thinking man's Tom Clancy, "Mind" could have gotten extra snark points if Ron Howard had instead named it "The Fear Of All Sums".

In any case, clearly anything that happens to the global oil infrastructure would put any Super Bowl catastrophe to shame (excepting a wardrobe malfunction).

The last part of Gav's excerpt contains more references to the newly acquired green visions of a select group of neo-cons, who apparently are seeing the end-of-oil from their ivory towers. The fact that the three think tanks involved, Hudson Institute, the Center for Security Policy, and the Foundation for Defense of Democracy, conservative all, get paired with the progressive Natural Resources Defense Council strikes me as kind of odd. Remember that Robert Kennedy Jr. is a senior attorney for the NRDC. And Kennedy has regularly slammed the opposition.
This week (old article) Kennedy declares war on this new "enemy within" -- the term his father applied to the Mafia lords who were subverting American politics, business and labor -- with a passionate, sweeping indictment of the Bush-sanctioned rape of our environment in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Kennedy lays out in legal-brief detail how, under Bush, the federal agencies supposed to be guarding our air, water and natural resources have been systematically turned over to the industry foxes that are ravaging them. But the tone of his lengthy essay is far from lawyerly. Kennedy's original subtitle was "Corporate Fascism and the End of Nature."
If anything actually comes out of this alliance, Kennedy's Air America radio program Ring of Fire has got to mention it. Otherwise, it just has to be a ruse. Evidence is the next show's agenda:
Is Iraq the Bush administration's blueprint for colonizing the Mideast? Mike talks with journalist Larry Everest, a veteran of major Mideast events of the past 20 years. Larry's latest book is Oil, Power and Empire: Iraq and the U.S. Global Agenda.

Watch your backs. Remember that the neo-cons practice the axis of evil traits of Framing, Projection, and Branding.
  1. Framing - Claiming the comfort level via double-speak
  2. Projection - Claiming the moral and ethical high ground via reverse psychology
  3. Branding - Claiming the populism via repetition


Professor Blogger Big Gav said...

I like the "The Fear of All Sums" line - I can imagine Rusty Crowe suffering some sort of severe maths phobia (although his character's obsession with finding patterns in the movie is a bit reminscent of some peak oil conspiracy theories).

Thanks for the links to the Kennedy articles and Ring Of Fire - its good to see him taking a higher profile.

7:20 PM  

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