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Friday, December 17, 2004


A schleptic is a skeptic that gets it totally, completely wrong. However, in the time since Thomas Gold exited the scene, the oil depletion debate has lacked the occasional bone-headed analysis that can keep one's sarcastic edge sharp. Fortunately, we can routinely find the schleptics in global warming circles. Tim Lambert at Deltoid recently picked up on an amusing "theory" volunteered by Louis Hissink of the Australian-based Lavoisier Society.

The scientific ineptitude that Hissink displays leads to a one of the great all-time rejoinders:
Louis ... I'm glad you admit that it gets colder at night. Do you think that is because less heat comes out of the earth at night, or something else?

Put on your Carnac hat, and you can almost guess what Louis' theory entails.


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