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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Like clowns from a clown car

Tis the season of meme-tide joy. On the occasion of another Kyoto summit, wingnut pundits have recently joined the climate change criticism chorus like clowns coming out of a clown car. The hackish writer Mark Steyn takes his usual smarmy view by casting global warming concerns as a Chewbacca defense:
  1. I have long underwear should it get cold.
  2. Who but a few penguins care about the abundance of krill should it get warm.
  3. Entire nationalities may eventually go extinct, why doesn't anyone care about that?

What a worthless pile of DNA. We know that Steyn does not really care about slowly growing societies in Japan and Italy, but he still tosses out the canard of greens being more concerned over the fate of the animal kingdom than any human population. It's really racism and ethnic purity concerns that irk him, last time I looked, (Ein)Steyn, you still belong to the same animal species as a Japanese sumo wrestler and Roberto Begnini. And as far as I know, the human species isn't going extinct anytime soon.


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