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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Mob Rule

From Velorution:
On a regular basis a disorganised mob hold our major cities to ransom. They appear in large numbers, completely choking the road to the point that it makes life difficult for even pedestrians, let alone public transport and emergency services vehicles. They apparently have no leader, no organisation and no motive, other than to make life miserable for other commuters. Rather than being punished for their selfishness, they get away with it time after time. Indeed the police spend considerable resources aiding this anarchic display of idiocy. Despite this, these dangerous fools are responsible for hundreds of deaths and untold numbers of injuries every year.

The name of this frightening phenomenon? Well, it’s called peak-hour traffic, and it takes over vast tracts of urban land every day. Except, of course, for a brief space in time and place on the last Friday of the month when Critical Mass opens a small window to sanity on the roads. Happy ninth birthday, Critical Mass.
Stephen Dixon, Coburg

Gasoline Boycott Day is January 20.
By asking everyone across America to boycott gasoline on Inauguration Day, we WILL deliver a very clear statement to all of our Representatives, Senators and officials in the White House... The message: We the people are in charge of this country and exercise control over its direction, not the greedy and powerful elite.

And May 18 is "Ride Your Bike To Work" Day.

Actually, if all these groups would deign to collude with one another, and choose the same day to hold their protest/boycott/celebration, it might raise more of a ripple. By doing these activities in unison, the day would attract higher participation by sampling different segments of the culture. The broader base of participants would include in-your-face protesters, silent protesters, and those in between. Throw in National Pie (In- The-Face) Day, which happens to be on January 23, and we could really achieve a spectacle.


Professor Blogger Andrea said...

Thanks for linking. Kindly note that the link on the blogroll has not been updated to: www.velorution.biz/blog.

4:26 PM  
Professor Blogger WHT said...

Updated. Motivated by Velorution's great web site aesthetics, we have added an acetylene molecule comment icon. Add fuel to the fire!

8:25 PM  

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