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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Term Oil

Why oh why would anyone read the latest Bush celebrity expose book by Ms. KK. This guy has, so I don't have to; he relays the nugget on Peak Oil buried in its 700 pages:
George Bush is being told that the national budget and trade deficits are not sustainable and (by advisor Matt Simmons) that the world is running out of energy. Bush knows when world oil production will peak.. He's just not telling. As the energy goes, so goes the economy. It won't be long until "Bushvilles" join the national lexicon alongside "Hoovervilles." It won't happen until after the election of 2004 -- Bush can manage that.

So if Matt Simmons is telling Bush the "secret" info on depletion, is it really any different than what Mr. Simmons has been telling the public all along?

And then there's the old saying that "oil politics is local" (tip of the hat to Tip). An interesting bipartisan bid to let Colorado voters decide on use of renewables as an electricity source.


Professor Blogger Bubba said...

Simmons is an interesting guy. I have logged onto his web site and downloaded a number of his powerpoint presentations - especially about Saudi reserves. Why he doesn't get much media notice I don't know.

It still blows me away that the company I work for does all of its long range (and short range) planning on a price forecast of less than $20 WTI.

P.S. - I hate the Blogger comment function. I like haloscan a lot better.

7:08 PM  

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