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Monday, July 12, 2004

My Wish for an October Surprise

Seeing the Forest provides some possibilities on a Republican October surprise prior to the election. I added the following to the STF comments section.

My take:
I think the Democrats should plan an analogous October surprise, but along the lines of something REALLY positive. For whatever temporary good it will do, finding a terrorist or thwarting a terrorist attack won't solve long-term problems.

I know that depending on ideas and technology is not a sure-shot strategy, but if we could have Democratic support for one breakthrough to make the U.S. less energy dependent, that would clearly set Kerry apart. In my mind, nothing less than an energy-independence strategy will have the necessary long-term positive effects to quell terrorism. It basically removes the support legs that oil-supported terrorists depend on. They become the equivalent of the toothless bully.

By the way, the Bush administration has been very inept at creating interest in positive ideas. The "best" that they have come up with for equivalent moon-landing-inspired goals have been (1) manned exploration of Mars and (2) hydrogen research. The first is laughable and the second a little misguided; and both play into the pockets of the oil industry and the hands of the terrorists.


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