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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Wrong Foot

Most new model home and gated communities start off on tracts of land that have undergone an initial clear-cutting of all trees. Nothing that we (you or I) can do about this; it's the developers' money and land and there may be some rationale reasons for doing this. Still, subconciously the sight of familiar eco-scenes decimated has had the unintended effect of promoting bad first impressions and a sense of loss. Since I don't really know the logical arguments that would clear my mind, this tends to stick with me.

So even years later, after I see a few new native Kazhakstan apple trees or stinky Russian olive trees sprouting, I still say to myself "Where's the rest of me?"

Which brings me to this item from Dave Johnson at Seeing the Forest:
I remember that Reagan's first week in office involved taking down the solar panels that President Carter had installed on the White House roof, and pardoning the FBI agents who had been convicted of illegal activities involving spying on, intimidating and breaking into the houses of Nixon's political opponents.

What a way to be introduced to your new first family neighbors, and form lasting impressions.

Closing the Circle: What's with the favorite past-time of chopping wood (Reagan) and hauling rocks and clearing cedar (Bush)? Actually clearing shrub cedar by hand is the most hopeless activity imaginable. It's like trying to eradicate (the likewise imported) carp by bow-hunting.
- IMO, what a waste of energy .... but, then again, .. Man must control nature!

Just overheard Al Franken quote (6/8/2004) on AirAmerica radio: "It may be time to clear brush at the White House"

Updated: "He seems to be just fixated with clearing cedar because he's been told the cedar strangles other plants and drains water away from them," Mr. Walsh said. "They're trying to restore the place to its natural state with native plants." The Bushes also like to show off the energy-saving features at the ranch, including a geothermal heat pump.


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