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Monday, June 07, 2004

Black Gold

lays out the playing field for global competition for oil.

The interview with Jim Paul struck me once again that the arguments for a free market modulation of oil production and consumption may mislead people into believing that capitalism will sort things out. So many countries are in the mix, including UK and USA (the tech kingpins), France (& Europe as shady? opportunists), China (increasing demands), Russia, India, OPEC, .. and so on, that we should never think of USA-style economics as a model.
Not all these countries practice unfettered capitalism. Many have nationalist leanings. (Aside: note how many extemporaneous speakers trip up and pronounce country when they mean to say company and vice versa. My theory is that we all have subliminal thoughts that corporatism should mean nationalism before it turns into globalism).

Listen to the audio (mp3 download of show is 28 MB typically) or read the transcript. DN is probably the best audio radio news archives out there.

Anti-commercial: The seamy (pork) underbelly of radio, Rush Limbaugh apparently is ranting about Oil during his daily screeds. Choice boasts include: "Oil is the fuel of freedom" and "Our people have expectations". You guessed it, conservation will never get mentioned.


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