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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Mid-Life Crisis Magazine

The radio show Unfiltered had the editor for Car&Driver, Csaba Csere, on this week talking hybrids. They asked him: why, if you put a new turtle-neck design on the cover of Vogue nagazine, you will guarantee lots of sales, but would the same hold true if a hybrid car was placed on Car&Driver?
The editor said if he were to actually place a hybrid on the cover, the readers would not buy the magazine. The implicit understanding is that covers are reserved for muscle cars and their ilk.

Liz Winstead said the magazine should be renamed Mid-Life-Crisis Magazine. Right, and in more ways than one.

I happened to catch sight of a used Brigestone RB-3 road bike for $99 today. Since my RB-T was hit by a car last year (with me riding it), I decided to snap it up. Bridgestone no longer makes bikes, but they were solidly made, this one was no exception. Moral to the story, I asked for like $800 on the insurance claim (with statements from local bike shops), the responsible party would only pay $250 for a used bike (as if they have a blue book for bikes). But ha!, I was able to get nearly a mint bike for $99. Small victory.

From what I experienced and what I have read, auto insurance companies treat bikers and pedestrians who get hit by cars like dirt. You can get property damage no sweat, but if you happen to want to claim medical (in this particular instance), you have to give out your own auto policy. Fat chance of that happening. This accident caused a dislocated finger; seeing enough Mel Gibson movies (see MOBJ: Road Warriors), I knew it was important to reset the finger on the scene. I lost $100 in medical by later having the finger x-rayed, taking a calculated risk that my auto insurance rates would have gone up that much if I had claimed medical.

(Almost) Closing the Circle: From what I understand Mad Mel has had dislocated shoulders as a recurring theme in several movies, from Lethal Weapon to Passion; see this quote from TruthNews
Jim Caviezel, who suffered a dislocated shoulder as he carried the heavy cross,

Now, that is some macho acting.


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