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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Compare and contrast.

The story so far ..
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Weapons of Financial Deception
PretenseEnergy manipulationEnergy manipulation
Think TanksProject of the New American Century (Perle, et al)Tech Central Station (Glassman, et al)
Willing PartnerGreat BritainGreat Britain (wrote the books on energy deregulation)
IncubatorPost 9-11 frenzyDot-com boom frenzy
FortunesEnergy bonanzaEnergy on paper
Windfall RacketeeringCronyism, Kickbacks, Cost-overrunsCreative bookkeeping, Profit inflation, Subsidiary partnerships
Worker BeesSoldiersOffice drones
InvestorsPatriots, military familiesRetirees, pensioners
LeadershipSupport the troops, democracy takes timeStocks are long term, wait till next quarter
DeceptionInflated press reportsInflated stock price
Teflon FigureheadGeorge BushKen Lay
Tipping PointNo WMD'sNo real profits
DownfallAngry votersAngry stockholders
Rallying CryYou're either for us or against usYour stock options are dependent on our success
Slippery slopeMorale plummetsStock price plummets
Framing the Issue"Unpatriotic!""Anti-business!"
Tricked Early AdoptersJohn KerryCalifornians, Paul Krugman
MisdirectionValerie PlameMartha Stewart
Pure EvilTortureEnron Tapes
Reputation GoneN.Y. TimesArthur Andersen
Share the blameBeltway journalists, SCLMStock analysts
Signs of "Vinnie the Chin"The reporter started with,"Sir, in regard to...", to which Bush responded, "Who are you talking to?"Skilling was taken to a hospital after several people called police saying he was pulling on their clothes and accusing them of being FBI agents
Final Verdict??????


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