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Monday, June 14, 2004

Bicycling on the Freeway

Since someone else is talking about this, I thought I would give my first-hand experiences.

So I decided to cross the big muddy a few weeks ago through a non-traditional route. I talked to a fellow pedaling bicyclist, who suggested that the Cedar bridge was passable, but there was a fence that you had to negotiate. Well I got there OK, did not see a fence, but did see the sign Prohibited use of highway by bicycles, pedestrians or non- motorized vehicles. I must say these signs are fairly clear on entrance ramps, and it would seem suspicious to claim not to have seen it, but I gave it a go. No problems, as the shoulders are fairly wide.

I see as unresolved problems in urban areas especially, the interchanges and buses using shoulders during rush hour.

My insanity defense: I have heard that equivalent Canadian freeways and western states like Montana allow bicyclists.

I am not this insane: Flash News Story!


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