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Sunday, June 13, 2004


Majority Report radio spent a chunk of time discussing the greasel inititiative to encourage the use of waste vegetable oil as diesel fuel.
Original story by guest Joshua Bearman here.
The one note of universal agreement is that the country’s 3 billion annual gallons of waste vegetable oil and 60,000,000 acres of fallow fields that could grow soybeans or rapeseed or other vegetable-oil crops represent a wide open opportunity for renewable energy use.

I don't really buy the claimed bad blood between the biodiesel and waste vegetable oil proponents. Even if we can recover 3 billion gallons of waste vegetable oil (on average, 10 gallons wasted per person per year, or 1/2 a cup per day), this amounts to 1% of the amount of oil we currently use. At some point, the bio-fuel with the best net energy advantage will win.

Aside: AirAmerica news reader is named Lamont Cranston. Apparently, the shadow knows.


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