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Monday, April 02, 2007

RMS of Cluelessness

A while ago, I reviewed a book on debunking global warming by Essex and McKitrick. As I pointed out, as did Tim Lambert, the duo had no clue on what the fundamental concept of temperature meant. Well, apparently the two thrive in an embarrassment-rich environment and have decided to take another beating some three years later. Read the RealClimate.org account of their antics, and also the skewering supplied by Eli Rabett. At the same time as I try to comprehend their misuse and toying with elementary statistics (taking the RMS of a temperature series? huh?), I can't imagine what they want to gain out of it other than to mock the idea of peer-reviewed science.

So in turn I seek to mock these same deniers. Several days ago, a fellow named Dennis Avery appeared on a local radio show pushing his book "Unstoppable Global Warming". (Note the title tries to belittle climate change science but only inadvertently reminds me of the attitude that "My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable" succeeded in mocking mindless bureaucracy.). The cretins running the radio show included one of the Powerwhiner bloggers and a dude named Chad ("The Elder") Doughty who recently tried to raise a stink about a local community center that wanted to show the Al Gore documentary. In a funny local news story, Doughty embarrassed himself by admitting to TV reporter Tim Sherno that he never actually watched the film -- view the clip here. In any case, once Avery started talking about the solar wind/cosmic ray theory of cloud formation, I decided to call up the station and subtly mock him. Summoning up a nerdy-sounding voice, I suggested that yes indeed the "hot" solar wind coming from the sun had caused the Earth's warming much like a hair drier would heat up your head. And Avery, showing either gross stupidity or an insatiable craving for acceptance, didn't completely disabuse me of my theory! Why should he, as my clueless denier alter-ego probably makes up the bulk of his audience. Listen to the short exchange between myself and Avery and marvel at the total joke I can make out of his premise.

Avery: "It's not that direct, but you're close"

What a pair, Avery and Doughty. A freakin' knob and a doorstop. The collective brains of a mailbox.


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