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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


David Roberts says this on the HuffPo:
I would have been skeptical about this even a year ago, but it looks like global warming may well turn out to be a "wedge issue" that fractures the Republican party. Them's the breaks, though. Reality, as they say, has the last laugh.
I thought all along that this would snowball into a wedge issue (and here).

And you know that the Furitanical Minionists have completely bifurcated when they start lining up behind George Monbiot (!) to try to diminish the influence of the hated Al Gore.
George Monbiot is right when it comes to his criticism of biofuels:
Which looks the equivalent of switching to Noam Chomsky when you think that Jimmy Carter has developed some misconceptions on the Middle East conflict. It makes my brain hurt thinking about the wedge driven into their skulls.


Professor Blogger Big Gav said...

I always thought the National Review was a nest of internationalists !

By lining up behind Monbiot against Gore they've revealed their true colours :-)

5:21 AM  

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