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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Air America Bumper Music

Anything to add? -- Please note in comments

  • Morning Sedition (RIP, but why oh why?)

  • Intro/Theme
    Can't Stop -- Red Hot Chili Peppers

    National Anthem -- Radiohead
    Longview -- Green Day
    Lady with the Spinning Head -- U2
    Popsicle -- Talking Heads
    The Modern Age -- The Strokes
    Love for Sale -- Talking Heads
    Hash Pipe -- Weezer
    Song 2 -- Blur
    Running with the Devil -- Van Halen
    Anthem -- Philip Glass (Part 2)
    Take Me Out -- Franz Ferdinand
    Pour Some Sugar on Me -- Def Leppard
    No More Tears - Ozzy Osbourne
    Why Go -- Pearl Jam
    Fields of Fire -- Big Country
    Cherub Rock -- Smashing Pumpkins
    Another Time, Another Place -- U2
    Hard to Explain -- The Strokes
    Lawyers, Guns, and Money -- Warren Zevon
    The Wait -- The Pretenders
    Harrow Road -- Big Audio Dynamite
    Scuttle Buttin' -- Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Not the Same -- Ben Folds
    Life During Wartime -- Talking Heads
    Unchained -- Van Halen
    Block Rockin' Beats -- Chemical Brothers
    Open Letter to NYC -- Beastie Boys
    Hard Core Troubadour -- Steve Earle
    Skunk - MC5 (full Real end of first set)
    Puzzlin' Evidence -- Talking Heads
    Electioneering -- Radiohead
    Rebel Rebel -- David Bowie
    Rubber Band Man -- The Spinners
    Boom Dee -- Bloodhound Gang
    Insane in the Brain -- Cypress Hill
    Wild Wild Life -- Talking Heads
    Sexx Laws -- Beck
    Connection -- Elastica
    Dr. Buck's Letter -- The Fall (go here for full Real)
    Human Fly -- The Cramps
    Delirious -- Prince
    There She Goes Again -- Velvet Underground
    Magic -- The Cars
    Preaching the Blues -- The Gun Club
    Do You Want to Touch Me -- Joan Jett and the Blackheats
    Real Wild Child (Wild One) -- Iggy Pop
    Cannonball (RealPlayer) -- Breeders
    Allure & Public Service Announcement (Torrent) -- DJ Danger Mouse
    Telephone And Rubber Band -- Penguin Cafe Orchestra

    Outro - Let's land this thing
    ???? - Cake
    Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei (Kill Bill, Vol.1)

  • Majority Report

  • Intro/Theme
    All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose -- Billy Bragg/Wilco
    Going Underground -- The Jam (full Real)

    A Forest -- The Cure
    Alone Again Or -- The Damned
    Amber -- 311
    American Idiot -- Green Day
    Ana Ng -- They Might Be Giants
    Birthday -- The Sugarcubes (full Real)
    Blister In The Sun -- Violent Femmes
    Cattle and Cane -- The Go-Betweens
    Christine -- Souxsie and the Banshees
    Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely -- Husker DU
    Eve of Destruction -- Barry McGuire (full Real, 4th song in)
    Finding Out True Love Is Blind -- Louis XIV
    Gravity Talks -- Green On Red
    Hot Topic (registration) -- Le Tigre
    Hunger Strike -- Temple of the Dog
    I Look Around -- The Rain Parade
    I Predict A Riot -- Kaiser Chiefs
    I Want To Help You Ann -- The Lyres
    I Will Dare -- The Replacements (live Real recorded 1991)
    Jane Says -- Jane’s Addiction
    Johnny Hit and Run Paulene -- X
    Message of Love -- The Pretenders
    Mirror In The Bathroom -- The English Beat
    Oblivious -- Aztec Camera
    Oh My God -- Kaiser Chiefs
    Peaches -- The Stranglers (full Real)
    Pearly Dewdrops -- Cocteau Twins
    Punk Rock Girl -- The Dead Milkmen
    Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) -- Kate Bush (full Real)
    She Bangs The Drums -- The Stone Roses
    She Will Only Bring You Happiness -- Mclusky (full song Real)
    Stigmata (full) -- Ministry
    Swamp Thing -- The Chameleons UK
    Take the Skinheads Bowling -- Camper Van Beethoven (full Real)
    Tell Me When It’s Over -- The Dream Syndicate
    Temptation -- New Order (full Real)
    That’s When I Reach For My Revolver -- Mission of Burma (full Real)
    The Cutter -- Echo and the Bunnymen
    This Charming Man -- The Smiths
    Uncertain Smile -- The The
    World Shut Your Mouth -- Julian Cope
    You Better Get Right With God -- JennyAnyKind
    A Town Called Malice -- The Jam
    Mr. Crowley -- Ozzy Osborne

    This Must Be The Place -- Talking Heads

    (I discovered that many of the Majority Report tunes can be found on the Rhino Records box set "Left of the Dial : Dispatches from the '80s Underground", how clever!)

  • Mike Malloy

  • Intro/Theme
    Run Like Hell -- Pink Floyd (orchestral version)
    Friday Is My Day -- ZZ Hill (on Fridays)

    Wish You Were Here -- Pink Floyd (orchestral version)
    The Story in Your Eyes -- The Moody Blues
    Talking Out of Turn -- The Moody Blues
    Hocus Pocus -- Focus (Real second song in)
    Who are You? -- The Who
    With or Without You -- U2
    Echoes -- Pink Floyd

    Poles Apart -- Pink Floyd
    Straight to Hell -- Drivin' N' Cryin' (Friday's only)

  • Randi Rhodes

  • Intro/Theme
    Pain -- Stereomud
    Bounce Your Boobies (MP3) -- Rusty Warren (on Friday)
    All Bumper Music lists via SilentJay

  • Al Franken

  • Intro/Theme
    Terrapin Station (live) -- Grateful Dead
    Sugaree (live) -- Grateful Dead

    ??? -- Grateful Dead live recordings
    Tonight's the Night (Gonna be Alright) -- Rod Stewart
    Sultans of Swing -- Dire Straits

  • Ring Fire

  • Intro/Theme
    Ring of Fire -- Social Distortion

  • Unfiltered (RIP, but again, why?)

  • Intro/Theme
    Exploration -- The Karminsky Experience


    Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

    wow! that's an awesome list. hey, for Morning Sedition, i know that they played at least two songs from DJ Danger Mouse's 'Grey Album'

    4:01 PM  
    Professor Blogger @whut said...

    I will listen to snippets to see if I can ID which tunes. It was played apparently Nov. 3, 2005. thanks

    6:37 PM  
    Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You forgot this gem from the Majority Report: "A Town Called Malice" by the Jam. :)

    10:11 AM  
    Professor Blogger @whut said...

    Added. Thanks.

    5:48 PM  
    Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What is the bumper music after the news and before Mike Malloy?

    10:40 PM  
    Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Anonymous, me again it is a instrumental.

    10:42 PM  
    Professor Blogger @whut said...

    most likely the orchestrated Pink Floyd numbers.

    3:20 AM  
    Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I was wondering, if anyone will ever come back to this thread, if anyone can tell me the name or artist of a song that was played on 3/6/2006 on the Randi Rhodes Show, while Mike Malloy sub'ed in for her. The lyrics go: "Hail, Caesar! This is what you're fighting for! Hail, Caesar!" and went on to say something about Jeb getting George elected. I have Googled, emailed, searched and consider this a prayer... If Silent Jay doesn't update his song list... I'll... I'll... wait.


    12:38 PM  
    Professor Blogger @whut said...

    Malloy plays quite a few found bits off the internet. Good luck on finding that one.

    7:26 PM  
    Professor Blogger John Kramer said...

    I've been trying to find out which concert Al's version of Terrapin Station is from because it is one of the best I've heard - and I've heard many. Does anyone know the date?

    9:42 PM  
    Professor Blogger @whut said...

    A deadicated deadHead could help you out there. I couldn't scratch the surface of the mountains of bootlegs.

    8:20 PM  
    Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

    There is some soft rock instrumental music that plays in the background of Randi's and Hartmann's show and I'm wondering who does it. My guess is that it's coming from Air America... and plays when a local affiliate doesn't have spots to run (or is asleep at the wheel). For instance on today's Hartmann show twice the show would break... play one ad which I assume are AA's ads, then go to this instrumental rock music that would end exactly when Hartmann's own bumper music started. It almost sounds as if these songs were recorded just to fit into a 60 or 120 minute time slot.

    Anyone know who does them? Thanks!


    12:19 PM  
    Professor Blogger @whut said...

    Probably something with no copyright restrictions.

    11:19 PM  
    Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

    McLusky, The Cramps, Mission of Burma, Husker Du, the Talking Heads!?

    Wow, most of my favorite bands are present on these lists.

    They could benefit from some Sonic Youth though.

    10:56 AM  

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