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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Oh Saka!

The intellectually dishonest blogger John Denver at PeakOilDebunked perhaps inadvertently reveals why he can take on a holier-than-thou attitude of completely eliminating his use of a car. From a previous post where JD lambasted Matt Savinar, J.D. of Life after the Oil Crash for responding, in a "rambling attack", to his own critics1, Denver stated this:
I am doing something, Matt. I do not drive a car. I paid a total $0 for gasoline last year, and have paid $0 for gasoline this year. My personal petroleum demand is zero. I live entirely on electricity, LNG, electric trains, bicycle and walking. I have done everything I can possibly do as an individual to eliminate my dependence on oil. I am also arguing the substantive issues of peak oil, and improving peak oil awareness, on this website. I am doing the very best I can as a human being to address this issue in a rational way.

For a brief moment, perhaps a nanosecond, I kind of admired this American's attitude (with a name like John Denver, he must live on some country road in Mayberry RFD, right?). However, this "green" outlook did not jive with the rest of his posts.

Now the funny part. JD lives in Osaka, JAPAN, where apparently no one drives a car, JD included. From the pictures he posted, you would think that driving a car would actually brand you as an iconoclast, a trait not always admired in the stereotyped Japanese culture. So the bit about paying $0 dollars makes a lot of sense -- in an intellectually dishonest way of course.

What did GW Bush say? Something about "you can't get fooled again", I think.

1 Which also means that if JD responds to my post in too defensive a posture, he will define himself as a hypocrite.


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