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Monday, September 26, 2005

Clownage Peak

My coinage of the AssMissile appellation has worked its way into the moon-wing shorthand, finally reaching this crowning achievement.       Kudos to The Poorman for hitting the peak in cartoon clownage. All downhill from here for the mowerlineblog.com folks; they have finally run out of Presidential Gas as we reach the end of irony.
he comes in from the left sometimes
he comes in from the right
it's so heavily advertised that he wants you and i
it's a real cowboy set, electric company
every day is happy days
it's hell without the sin, but

don't cry, don't do anything
no lies, back in the government
no tears, party time is here again
president gas is up for president
Bush asks America to conserve -- signifying that the "notCarter" years have officially ended. GW has turned into an environmentalist and, obviously, joined the other side.

Time to find another horse to hitch your wagon to, Hindrocket.

Update: Kevin Drum's commenters also see the dreaded word "malaise" cropping up.


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