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Friday, September 23, 2005

Pathetic Losers

Turn down your speaker volume and take a look at this:
That 70's Bunch
I have never seen such a collective bunch of losers in my life. And yes, I specifically refer to the staff and contributors of Tech Central Station.

Think about it. The TCS gang works themselves into a tizzy over a select group of politicians' opposition to LNG terminals, all the while, and as a matter of principle, ignoring every other facet of our energy predicament. Granted the democrats and moderate republicans have taken a populist view to price increases (i.e. gouging), but it sure beats the obvious corporate cheerleading and BushCo-styled greedy cronyism that TCS forever practices.

And as humor remains a completely subjective interpretation, I leave you to rate the comedy quotient of the parody.

That 70's Energy Policy
glAssMan: With such potential, energy companies can be expected to invest more in finding and producing oil, and price increases should modulate -- level off or even fall -- as supply increases. In fact, this year, exploration spending was anticipated to hit $180 billion.

But what if supply is constricted for political reasons? That's the problem going forward. Environmental extremists have put vast areas off-limits to exploration and have made building refineries, liquefied natural-gas facilities and nuclear plants (to name a few sources of supply) extremely difficult.

Now, there are new threats to supply: 1) the proposed WPT; and 2) price controls on gasoline and home heating fuel, already imposed in Hawaii and under consideration in Illinois, Massachusetts and elsewhere. This is a combustible combination. The 1980 WPT was an attempt to offset the decontrol of oil prices. The 2005 WPT may accompany recontrol of oil prices.

Now, that is funny.

As I have said before, Carter, some 30 years later, has made the pathetic losers at TCS, PowerlineBlog, and every other right-wing mutual apology society look ridiculous. And they will never get over it, preferring to project their inadequacies and frame the argument in terms of a return to wool sweaters and wood stoves.

Please, someone sign up James Glassman to play the whiny, insecure, almost paranoid character of Jan. And perhaps AssMissile can take on the complex role of the family station wagon.

Update: They apparently breed pathetic losers at TCS. See here for somebody that tried to follow Jimmy Carter's engineering footsteps and failed miserably.
Meanwhile, my friends majoring in the liberal arts pulled dandy grades while studying little. "You just wait," I thought, gazing upon them like the ant regarding the grasshopper in the summer. "You party and blow off homework now, but in ten years, you'll be making merely wonderful money as investment bankers and consultants, while I'll be getting laid off from a great job at General Electric."
Lawyer material? You bet.


Professor Blogger Big Gav said...

Is it really worth the angst that reading TCS and the ass missile people causes ?

I salute your bravery, but there must be more pleasant ways to pass the time...

5:38 AM  
Professor Blogger WHT said...

AssMissile and the Powerline tools serve as an acid test for determining when oil depletion awareness hits the other half of the population. And they also act as the echo chamber for the shadow administration. Remember the saying about the canary in the coal mine?

5:39 PM  

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