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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Who would have thunk it?

Former Chrysler CEO, Lee Iococca is going gaga over electrical bicycles.
"...The E Bike isn't just a vehicle, it's a movement, a new way of thinking and a new found freedom.I'm asking you to join me on this magnificent new journey from the past and into the future. I can promise you the ride will be exciting, inventive, revolutionary and a lot of fun."
Chairman & Founder Lee Iococca

Michelle "The Face" Pfeiffer provides some moments of zen:
"I relax by taking my bicycle apart and putting it back together again."

"... I used to tell people that the reason my lips were so big is that I fell off my bicycle facefirst, and they swole up and they never went down. And I so convinced myself that this was true that when I was about twelve my mother had to say, 'No, Michelle. That's not what happened.'"

Update: Zen, because I discovered upon leaving work tonight one bicycle tire flat. Momentary thought of walking 3 miles in sub-freezing cold. Recollection of attached pump in strategic location on frame. Pump. Tried riding away. Other tire flat. Evidently both tires intentionally deflated by a criminal mastermind. Bastards..., but then again, all one has to do is ride. it. off.


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