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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bean Counters

Step Back rightly pointed out that I didn't pull any punches with my last post. Well, if you had any doubt what the wankers ... I mean the leaders of the industry that will eventually pull us under ... think, read this passage from Duncan Clarke's book:
"Here it is pertinent to note that peak oil forecasters do not enjoy an undiluted view of the state or corporate portfolios that contain these internal and hidden assessments which their models logically require."
Screw you, Clarke. These wankers don't realize that you barely need to know how to count beans to figure out these "internal and hidden assessments". Via Groovy Green, secondary wanker Michael Lynch lets the cat out of the bag:
Lynch thinks that the oil peak lies farther into the future, partially because there's likely to be a lot of oil in as-yet undiscovered smaller fields.

"You don't go looking for them until you run out of the giant fields," Lynch said in a telephone interview.
Stay tuned as I debark Lynch, and exposed the worthless pulp these puppets promulgate.

But the obfuscation doesn't stop at the oil industry. It also permeates down to the wankers at the USGS, who as of late presumably work under the direction of the corrupt Bush administration, who pride themselves in rewriting scientific reports. Commenter Murray described at TOD how he petitioned the USGS to retract a 2000 report from the USGS, criticizing inflated reserve growth rates.
The petition was sent in July 2002 under Public Law 106-554, H. R. 5658 sec. 515, covering integrity of information from Federal Agencies. It was rejected with a nonsense and non-responsive answer, and I have had better things (for me) to do with my time and money than hire a lawyer to sue. My demand was to get the USGS 2000 report withdrawn, with an apology to Congress. Clearly the USGS has totally failed to comply with the provisions of this law in almost all respects. So much for government respect for our laws.
That report occurred in 2000. No telling what has happened in the 6+ years of BushCo.


Professor Blogger Step Back said...

"Lynch thinks that the oil peak lies farther into the future"

As for myself, I believe my own peak health lies farther into the future. Yes, maybe decades away. No. Thanks to advanced new thinking and undiscovered new drugs, make that centuries, centuries into the far, far off future.

As an ardent member of the Church of Technology and Perpetual Life, I believe that "science" will come through for me and provide ever lasting salvation.

Why just the other day my cell phone rang. It was President George W. Bush on the private line. He revealed to me that Operation Code Name: Fountain of Ongoing Eternal Youth (a.k.a. FOOEY) was "moving forward" with great progress. Any day now our scientists will isolate the Stem Cell of the Continued Health and Eternal Life (a.k.a. SCOTCH and Le Chaim).

When they do, I will be first on line to get the injection. Bush will be second and Cheney third. Laura and Condi can fight for 4th place. The rest of you 6.5 Billion subhumans will have to wait your turn on a long long line.

Well that's the way it plays out in my Dream World. I wonder which dream world Lynch and friends operate in?

8:23 AM  

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