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Monday, January 15, 2007

Twilight in the Mind?

A leading independent British book publisher, Profile Books, has released a cornucopian treatise called "The Battle For Barrels: Peak Oil Myths & World Oil Futures" by Duncan Clarke. If nothing else, the book will provide good target practice. At last we get a live one, not some fake little vanity press book (see Corsi, et al).

Check out the last blurb from the marketing page:
The essential crisis inside Peak Oil reflects a condition alike some Twilight In The Mind.
I haven't an idea what this truly means, but such lofty, pretentious pronouncements tend to resonate among the legions of the right-wing, who like to project their own inadequacy on others (e.g. "morbid outlook").


Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Twilight in the Mind", a not so subtle dig at Matt Simmons - maybe Matt refused to blurb the book.

The blurb from Fred Dekker, of Unocal "The Battle For Barrels lucidly shows that not all is known on potential oil reserves-in-ground, and Peak Oil is very wrong on its view that such reserves are now fully known and finite." Wonder if Fred has checked your blog lately. The book, whatever it purports, should make good fodder for your reserving grist mill.

Funny that five of the seven 'endorsements' are from big shots in the oil business, and another is from a man who also has an anti-peak oil publication out there. No bias there.

8:15 PM  
Professor Blogger Big Gav said...

I agree that "Twilight In The Mind" was just a dig at Simmons - given the intended audience, it doesn't need to make sense.

And I also thought your recent post on reserve growth / censored data was the perfect counterpoint to some of the quoted nonsense..

4:41 AM  

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