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Sunday, November 26, 2006


TOD Europe directed me to a slashdot thread on Peak Oil, and some amazing (and sad) comments, IMO. First this bit of cornucopianism from someone nicknamed Rei
Why do you suppose that is?

Global warming. I'm not talking about political things like ANWR. The whole arctic is becoming much easier to drill in, and thus it lowers the cost of arctic oil.
Where did I hear that before? Oh yeah:
.. new areas opening up to exploration as, say, the Arctic seapack melts and makes more areas available ..
And it gets better; in a strange twist, Rei reveals his background here:
My father is a pres. of Shell USA and a VP of Shell Intl. Early last year, I was talking to him, and he mentioned that they were working on 4xing their tar sands production. It's becoming very profitable. It was a gamble when they started putting money into it, but it's looking to be a good investment.
Drill deep enough and we find that all oil company employees get the same talking points. And as someone pointed out in the comments, Shell has sadly resorted to astro-turfing nerd boards using their kids as trolls. How far they have fallen.


Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can their kids "paint with all the colors of the oils"? :-)

1:49 PM  

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