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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I got a bit ruffled when Kos crowed on the radio about the YearlyKos's energy panel which, as he labeled it, didn't stoop to recommending such things as "more walking" for their Energize America plan.

Well, I don't mind the lo-tech aspects of a solid energy plan at all. More power to more walking, I'd say. However, we still have mucho room for improvement. For example, I started thinking about all the ways a conventional bicycle can fail in some silly way. Based on my own experiences, I compiled this list, starting with the most common and working my way down.
  1. Flat tire (pinch flat, sharp object, wear)
  2. Skipping chain
  3. Chain suck
  4. Sidewall wear-out
  5. Broken spoke
  6. Locked chain link
  7. Broken chain
  8. Frozen seat post
  9. Frozen or broken brake cable
  10. Frozen or broken shifting cable
  11. Bad pedal bearing
  12. Frozen front derailleur
  13. "Sproinged" wheel
  14. Sticky brake pads (worn, scalloped, etc)
  15. Blistered tube (bad installation)
  16. Car gets in the way of bike
  17. Parked car gets in way of bike
  18. Undone handlebar tape
My own Energize America plan resolves to eradicate these maladies one by one, thus mobilizing a robust and reliable wheeled urban force. Alas, I don't hold up much hope as the "big thinkers" continue to worry about the "big things".


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