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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Addled Age

Not that I would even consider putting an advertisement on a blog, but the fact that some of these ads promote huge, over-the-top pipe dreams has started to concern me.

Found on Josh Micah Marshall's Talking Points Memo blog, an advertisement for 2 trillion barrels of parking lot asphalt.

Speaking of Marshall's blog, I lifted Cheney's scribblings (see left margin), and thought about his slight improvement in favorable poll ratings. I heard it went from 18% to 20%. To explain this, I figure that perhaps a sixth of the U.S. population consists of rednecks and self-styled militia who would like nothing better than to see (a) Cheney shoot someone or (b) see Cheney make fun of a hoity-toity ambassador. At some point, a pol's ranking should hit some Neanderthal bottom whereby other Neanderthals can actually raise his rating when they see him doing something stupidly Neanderthal. They realize that they have finally found their guy. Ergo facto profundo, Cheney's favorability ratings go up.

And another thing. I figure ordinary spam may turn out as a plus for these BushCo times. Consider that since the spooks in the security agencies have started monitoring everything said over any medium, a flood of meaningless messages should give us a sense of privacy. Before they read my meaningless tripe they have to wade through 1000x as much other meaningless tripe. Random noise can become an ally in our fight against an imperial presidency.

I also bet that given that they have monitored over 2 trillion numbers already, that the number of false positives, such as wrong numbers and inadvertent calls, swamps anything that they would conceivably find as an authentic terrorist lead.


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