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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sissy Fuss

Jon Stewart on the Larry King show:
But Bush, you know the other day when he had the speech about us being addicted to oil, he says those things as though, you know, he just thought of it and we're disagreeing with him, like everybody's been saying that. Jimmy Carter said it I think in 1978.

And he comes out, "What people don't realize is we're addicted to foreign oil" and he's saying it like you're going "Get out of here." We're addicted. You don't get it people. You know he was the guy on the stump a few years ago making fun of hybrid cars because it wasn't manly. And -- and his vice president did shoot a 78-year-old man in the face. Aaron Burr was the last vice president to shoot a guy in the face, Alexander Hamilton.
A real man would also go out on a limb and talk about discouraging commuting and rezoning.
I live in a 2nd floor walkup, though the first floor has been converted from whatever its original retail purpose was into an apartment.

nearest brew pub is about 6 blocks. they don't do much music there but there are two live music venues just a block from me.

Takes me about 2 minutes to stumble home from drinking liberally every tuesday.


Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've lived most of my near-sixty years close to Los Angeles or within an hour-and-a-half of it and, believe me, commuting for millions is not an option. Atrios' solution (your link) will have the effect of doing minor surgery on a dead man. Plus, it's little more than an added tax on those least able to afford it. Decades past, Los Angeles and environs let auto-oil-rubber dismantle what was, ostensibly, a public transportation system, and it was still a rather limited system considering the distances involved in traversing the area but adequate as long as the population remained small. But, of course, those days are gone. I'm afraid that the law of diminishing returns on energy production will solve all of So Cal's commuting problems but at an enormous and painful cost. This is another example of the inability of deferred aversive consequences, as an independent variable, to change current cultural practices in time to avoid disaster. Translation: We don't act on the future until that future becomes the present.

12:36 PM  
Professor Blogger Revolutionary Blogger said...

All talk about oil addiction...no action

3:46 PM  
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