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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bush hangover

So Bush completely messed up his goals -- somehow mixing up the figurative with the literal in his imaginary objective of reducing mideast oil imports by 75% in the years to come.

Read about the gaffe and the tidy coverup. (picked up from The Majority Report radio show)
This is a serious credibility problem for the administration. This headline was touted all over the world. Quite a few editors in quite a few newsrooms all over the world are going to feel they were snookered. This will likely mean even more skepticism of any assertions made by the administration, forcing editors to fact check almost every word that is pronounced by it — and run the results if inaccurate information was put out to the public. Expect to see questions at press conferences get a bit tougher, as well. This is NOT just a teeny-weenie inaccuracy. This was a MAJOR HEADLINE that is now being finessed by the administration so in effect the original image (what was said during the speech) lingers while the actual fact is quietly corrected.
Other fawning disciples, such as radio wingnut talker Huge Halfwit, wake up from a long energy slumber by Bush's stylings and begin to push the view that oil shale has great potential, right now.

As Steve Wynn sang -
Yeah you say it's a waste
oh not to learn from the States
yeah it's really a shame

oh and the stars that you show
yeah may as well give to show
oh and it's nothing to me

and I really don't know
cause I don't wanna know
yeah tell me when it's over
tell me when it's over
oh let me know when it stops

oh there must be some kind of answer
yeah but the question was closed
ah you got real imagination man

and I really don't know
and I really don't know
and I really don't know
cause I don't wanna know


Professor Blogger Engineer-Poet said...

What I'm waiting for is for Bush to lose the respect of his base.  I'm not sure how much cognitive dissonance it will take.  I hope he'll be impeached, though I would not lay money on it happening.

3:51 PM  
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