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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Dip Llama Mills

I don't understand why if Laura Callahan had to resign from her job as senior director in the Homeland Security Department's CIO office, why hasn't Michael Brown resigned as well? Well, for starters, Brown did not buy a PhD from a diploma mill, settling for an undergraduate degree instead:
Brown also claimed to have been a political science professor at the University of Central Oklahoma when, in reality, he was a student there.
And then this guy, John Pennington, also a (regional) FEMA guy, effectively bought a degree from the former diploma mill of California Coast University. He claims :
California Coast "fit my needs," Pennington said. "I've got a stack 2 feet high of tests and notes and study guides" as proof that he completed course work for his degree.
The stack of materials two feet high only proves that "you get what you pay for".

And then I run into this totally illogical piece of writing from TechCentralStation (trust me, it doesn't make any more sense placed in context).
Now, suppose you despised the designated hitter with a fervor rivaling your rabid hatred for George W. Bush, who, it so happens, once owned a piece of the Texas Rangers. If you blamed the American League for bodies rotting in the streets of New Orleans, what would that make you?
Answer: either (a) Totally Confused, (B) A Wookie, or (c) A Llama. Apparently, the Cato Institute has started to hire Doctorate in Philosophy program dropouts.

Thanks to mg.


Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's definitely a weird analogy. But isn't the point pretty obviuous in context? If you hate George Bush and something else, and you want to blame something on George Bush, you can't also blame it on the other thing you hate just because you hate it, or just because think George Bush has something to do with it.

9:37 AM  
Professor Blogger WHT said...

So these people, Krugman, et al, want to blame things on both Bush and the free market and limited government? No, I think they want to blame Bush for pushing and rewarding incompetence in those areas.

3:15 PM  
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