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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Blood and Antibodies

RBC stands for red blood cell count. WBC stands for white blood cell count. Doctors play close attention to these numbers, particularly when monitoring the health of leukemia and cancer victims. Patients have to take chemotherapy meds at precise intervals to keep the multiplicative effects of cancerous leukocytes at bay or below a critical threshold. Outside of the medical world and entering the strange land of photo-ops, we once again find that G.W. Bush obviously does not care about curing anything but his own latest hangover.

And as the Iraqi RBC (Rumsfeld-Bush-Cheney) count reaches 2000 bloodied Americans and the WBC (W.-Brown-Chertoff) count escalates into potentially thousands of dying and diseased gulf coast residents trying to fend off indifference, we collectively get to see how true cultural cancer develops.

Like antibodies gone awry, our supposedly immune capitalist system has started to attack our lifeblood.


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