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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

BushCo sez A-OK

BushCo-approved energy and environmental consultants took a look at scientific data from the latest Gulf hurricane and proclaimed no problem.

Even walls of water can not squash our country's energy independence!

-- Additional reporting by Joe Barton. Photo courtesy of Philip A. Cooney.

For fair-and-balanced reporting go to The Oil Drum.

Update: George Monbiot makes the Barton/Cooney connection as well. "The only permitted answer to the effects of greed is more greed."

Interesting how BP could not afford a WebCamera on their $2 billion off-shore oil platform and were fortunate that "A passing ship sparked the alarm after spotting the Thunder Horse platform leaning at an angle of 25 degrees." Lucky that the SS Osama was cruising the other Gulf and was preoccupied planning on other targets. Jeebus.


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