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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Coast2Coast but nobody home

Oil depletion issues hit the conspiracy radio airwaves last month with much of Art Bell's Coast2Coast show devoted to asking what his listeners thought of Peak Oil. Although I managed to avoid listening, from what I have heard elsewhere, caller ignorance reigned supreme. One caller had no real concern as he believed that ordinary fuel originates as a manufacturable quantity (or more likely meant that the fuel crises itself is manufactured, i.e. pretty much the same thing). Another believed that the government stores classified alien-engineered technology in underground bases and thus we should have no foreseeable problems. The dialog continued:
Art: Why do you think that?
Caller: I heard it on your show!
Art you made your bed, now lie in it.

Which brings up the topic of Jerry Springer joining the Air America Radio schedule and replacing the great Unfiltered show (Rachel Maddow will pick up a weekday morning show at 5AM which started last week). Considering his TV fan-base -- conspiratorial at a personal/skank/lying/cheating/boozing level -- Springer's show may attract an audience that thinks Art Bell as too academic. Too painful to consider, but AAR will at least show off egalitarianism in its finest clothes.


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