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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Wait Till Next Year

We got seriously pummelled in the past, things have looked bleak, but ...
"HERE’S what happens next. The oil companies are now going to go on the rampage to find new oil sources. A decade from now, gallons of the black stuff will be coming out of our ears, and the price will plummet. Meantime, things may get a little rocky and economic belts will be tightened, but hopefully not quite so tightly as in the 1970s."
Unsigned opinion in The Scotsman

This actually has as much substance as a football coach's pep talk.
HERE’S what happens next. You guys are now going to go on a rampage to get in shape for next year. In no time at all, strength, speed, quickness, and endurance are going to start coming out of your ears, and our team's confidence will skyrocket. Meantime, things may get a little rocky and you're going to feel like quitting, but hopefully we will not get as depressed as when we were losing.


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