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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Et touque?

EV World has a tutorial on getting by with less, from the perspective of a Canadian sustainable energy advocate. The author, Guy Dauncey, categorizes several potential ways that individuals can make a dent in their gasoline consumption through changes in mobility behavior.
  1. Stay Home

  2. Walk

  3. Cycle

  4. Share Rides

  5. Mass Transit

  6. Share Cars

  7. Electric Cars

  8. Hybrid Cars

  9. Smart Cars

  10. Biofuels

  11. Electricity

  12. Smart Policy

What's interesting is that Dauncey keeps a running tally of percentage energy savings as he steps through each behavioral adaptation. By the time he gets to the end of the list, he achieves a signicant savings. Probably a bit too optimistic for those not able to stay physically fit and agile, but still surprising.

Update: Check out WorkBike.org for modern-day rickshaws and other contraptions.


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