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Friday, August 27, 2004

Free Energy Fringers

The Free Energy fringe will certainly gain more exposure over time as the global oil situation becomes more dire. The last post, about the Brown's/Klein's/HHO/Santilli/Magne Gas "anomalous energy" claim keeps my interest up because of the comments some of my work colleagues have made about it. In one email, someone stated concerning the white paper (by Santilli) I quoted from, "didn't that guy win the Nobel prize?".

Apparently, Ruggero Santilli may be just a lunatic fringe scientist, in disguise. From a cached Salon story.
Some, like Ruggero Santilli, an Italian physicist, have published hysterical attacks on mainstream science. Santilli maintained in his book "Il Grande Grido: Ethical Probe on Einstein's Followers in the U.S.A." that physicists Sidney Coleman, Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg (the latter two are Nobel laureates) conspired to frustrate his attempts to conduct research on his theories to disprove relativity while he was at Harvard.

Enough opportunists have been trying to attach their name to the gas, that it certainly deserves a good debunking. I suggest two scientists who have been vocal about the oil depletion issues: either Chemistry Professor Richard Smalley of Rice or Condensed Matter Physics Professor David Goodstein of CalTech could give Santilli a good spanking in short order.

UPDATE: In the past, Santilli, from the looks of it, has been assisted by "scientific ethics" henchmen to execute cease and desist orders to supplement some of his excessive whining and threatening lawsuits.

I am having second thoughts. I don't think Smalley or Goodstein would or should waste their breath on this nutcase.
The point in all this that may affect each of you, personally and directly, is the following. Two decades of studies in the field have established that a necessary condition to reach really "new" and clean energies and fuels is to generalize Lie's theory and its underlying symplectic and other geometries. Prof. Santilli proposed in 1978 (see his two monographs of 1978 and 1982 published in the most prestigious series of Springer Verlag) the isotopic lifting of Lie's theory, including the lifting of universal enveloping associative algebras, Lie algebras, Lie groups, Lie symmetries, and Lie representation theory, that can be expressed via the following lifting of Lie transformation groups in their finite and infinitesimal forms

(1a) A(w) = Exp(ixXxTxw)xA(0)xExp(-ixwxTxX) = U x A(0) x U^+,
(1b) ixdA/dw = AxTxX - XxTxA = A*X - X*A = [A, X]*,

where: AxX is the conventional associative product; A*X = AxTxX is Santilli isoassociative product¹ [A, X]* is the Lie-Santilli isoproduct (see several independent monographs in various countries listed in the submitted paper); w and X = X^+ are the original Lie parameter and generator, respectively; and T = T^+ is a fixed matrix or operator with the same dimension of X.

This is the kind of thing you used to see squeezed into a 2"x2" abstract submission to the yearly APS meeting, usually having to do with "plate tectonics and the discovery of universal truth".


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