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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Hegemoniacal Oiligarchy

Janeane should try saying that 10 times real fast.

Majority Report Radio allowed the estimable Noam Chomsky an hour of rare commercial air time.

Somewhere in the interview he brought up the question of why we "liberated" Iraq. Quoting a poll of Iraqis who were asked just that question, Chomsky related that 1% said it was to extablish democracy, 5% said it was to help Iraq, and the rest said it was the obvious take on the U.S.A. wanting to control Iraqi resources and using Iraq as a base for further control in the middle east.

He made clear that resources = oil.
And that it was all about control of oil, not about access to oil. With enough money, anyone can get access to oil, but the control requires typical American domination.

The other historical context given was George Kennan, who stated that "oil gives veto power over what others can do"

Recommended Book: War Stars by Bruce Franklin, a historical perspective on irrational fears that have governed American discourse and actions

WaPo article on Kerry and Bush energy stances


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