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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Markovian Process

We live in a stochastic world. The best prediction you can make with only minimal prior knowledge takes into account only the currently occupied state. That basically captures the essence of a first-order Markov process or property, which can describe the salient effects of many different phenomenon, everything from random walk to oil depletion. The process involves lots of little stepped events that collectively accumulate in a fuzzified fashion. It inexorably leads you in a direction, but the direction remains governed by largely randomly distributed events.

So leave it up to the old-school punk rocker Greg Graffin, PhD from BadReligion to capture it in song.
Markovian Process (Graffin)

You will all say that I am surely crazy
Only an unrepentant pessimist whose thoughts should be detained
But facts are sterile, not vulgar nor sublime
And they're not religion, they're for everyone
And signify the times
Today is a window, tomorrow the landscape
All you need to do is take a look outside
To know what we're bound to face
The level of disparity
The common man
The manner of destruction of the native land
The poverty of reprisal from all involved
And the scathing trajectory from the past
Markovian process lead us not in vain
Prove to our descendants what we did to them
Then make us go away


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