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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Esso: Morph This!

Apparently, the British and other members of the international reality-based community do not think highly of Bush for his oil industry connections. I do computer visualizations for a living, and despise Macromedia Flash for its prorietary, non-open format, but this stuff keeps me grinning.

Even before global peak oil has recently become a media reality, Greenpeace and other organizations had built up quite an awareness campaign to ostensibly alert the world to the dangers of global warming. They have unwittingly given the oil depletion crowd lots of reusable snarkware components for the coming roller-coaster.

This one has BushCo relevance as well. Off-topic, but the same animator adapted a short video based on a dream diary of Air America Radio's Marc Maron. Unfortunately, we only have two more weeks of the Morning Sedition radio program to go before it officially gets axed.

I'm just glad thoughtful,
funny people are on the
radio while I sit at my
computer day after day.


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