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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Senator practices the art of flaming

This quote by Hillary Clinton if packaged in an email and sent to an engineer or scientist would classify as a traditional "flame":
Not all senators were uniformly impressed. Hillary Clinton was the first to try to cut him down to size. "His views on climate change are at odds with the vast majority of climate scientists; it also appears in a work of fiction," the senator for New York said dismissively. "I think that the topic of this hearing is very important but organised in a way to muddy sound science rather than clarify it," she added, before thanking the other four witnesses who attended, but not Crichton.
How un-senatorial!


Professor Blogger Dan said...

How so? Sounds as if she called it like it is to me...

8:35 AM  
Professor Blogger @whut said...

Yes, she did. Very admirable of her, and the flameage burned Crichton badly. He is probably planning a retaliation for this. What do you bet it will be in his next novel?

2:07 PM  
Professor Blogger Dan said...


Sorry, I just misunderstood your original post, thinking you were criticizing Clinton, not Crichton (yeah, I know - I'm losing it)

Anyway, I'm starting to wish I knew Crichton better than (a) he's a novelist and (b) his field used to be medicine before novels, not climate science, but does he have a tendency to pawn fiction off as science in the real world, aside from this one book?

2:48 PM  
Professor Blogger @whut said...

Yes, I've been accused of flaming at my job for suggesting that another engineer's work was "ornate". That's always how misunderstandings start.

As for Crichton, I think he hit his peak with the pandemic movie The Andromeda Strain, which freaked me out when I was a youngster.

7:21 PM  

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