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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bring on the noise

Tim and commenters at Deltoid mocked a request from JunkScience.com for essentially asking computational climatologists for source code to Global Climate Models (GCM, aka General Circulation Model). Try to ignore their claim of "challenging" the climatology scientists to duplicate historical data -- the Junkies clearly want to nitpick the models to death.
One has to give it to the junkscience crew. It is physically impossible to reproduce a GCM run, unless you use: identical compilers; identical number truncations (numerical accuracy); identical computers; identical disks.

Of course, the differences are noise, but this won't stop an attempted lynching of anyone naive enough to cooperate.

If they don't submit something, the deniers make the climatologists appear feeble and afraid. If somebody does fall for it, and presents a global warming model, it better fit on the back of an envelope. Because mathematics, in the hands of people that believe in Intelligent Design, has about the same intrinsic value as shiny beads and trinkets to a chimp. No use wasting time on something that the 'minionists will dismiss as number fiddlin'.


Professor Blogger Phila said...

Have I mentioned lately that I'm sick unto death of these know-nothing know-it-alls?

11:43 AM  
Professor Blogger @whut said...

"Have I told you yet today how much I hate these people?" -- Mike Malloy

2:10 PM  

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