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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"But that doesn't mean we will go through there with a bulldozer"

Via Cursor.org, more proof that the guvmint would try to squeeze blood from a turnip, if they discovered that turnip blood held promise as a gasoline replacement: LA Times -- "Wilderness Site May See Oil Drilling"
Jack Moody, a geologist with the Mississippi Development Authority, which is responsible for energy leasing, said the authorization shouldn't be cause for alarm. The law pertains only to Mississippi's mineral claims. "We want the right to develop the minerals that the state owns," he said. "But that doesn't mean we will go through there with a bulldozer."
What magical method does Mr. Moody suggest? Something that would teleport gas over the ether -- absolutely free of the laying down of pipelines? No? Oh, I see, the plan involves not bulldozers, but dredges and platforms. You see, these are coastal waters.

Other famous non-denial denials:
  1. "It's not like we are killing the prisoners"
  2. "It's not like we are just handing over social security to Wall Street"
  3. "It's not like we are in Iraq just for the oil"
  4. "Those trees would burn down from natural causes, if we didn't cut them first"


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