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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Future Consequences

Still Digging Up Exxon Valdez Oil, 20 Years Later
Are any of these the same scientists Exxon Mobil hired to deny AGW? It is well-documented you guys (assuming you really are a spokesman for ExMob) have spent loads of money on fake science and propaganda in that area - why wouldn't you spend heaps of money hiring pet "scientists" to muddy the waters (pun intended) on the long-term consequences of your careless spill? TOD

A careless spill and even more consistently careless accounting illustrating to us all that oil companies never show any foresight in projecting future consequences. The spill occurred as an accident, the aftermath borne of bad PR, but the lack of good depletion models came about by intent. Boardrooms at Exxon and elsewhere made conscious decisions to keep the peak oil message from the public, with the excuse that they had too much on their mind while looking for new oil.
Whocoodanode. That should really scare us the most.


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