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Friday, September 12, 2008

Banned from HuffPo

Update: See end of post.

I got banned from commenting at HuffingtonPost.com, presumably from calling out the idiotic Raymond J. Learsy and his ridiculous posts posing as an oil authority. Every time he posted something, I commented to the effect that HuffPo should hire someone from TheOilDrum.com (any of the regulars would do) as an energy blogger. Apparently, these comments kept on getting deleted and I must have hit some threshold which prompted the banning. I usually commented words to the effect that Learsy doesn't know anything (the mean bit) and that he refuses to mention the work of the blogging world's depletion analysts (the factual part). I found only one recent post, dated April of this year, where my comment (supporting another commenter) got published:
Good comment. The math supports you. Learsy has been saying the same thing the last two years. I think he does a post about once a month and it is always the same thing. Depletion analysis is an exacting quantitative science, one which Learsy refuses to understand.
Keep up the fight on my behalf and get the wanker Learsy off the HuffPo.

BTW, I like HuffPo for everything else it does and love the regular posts by Steven Weber and Harry Shearer and the occasional gems from David Rees.

I find it really strange how someone gets anointed as an expert. Like the way that Sarah Palin has become the preeminent authority on oil in Republican circles. "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king". If the politicos say she has the ranking smarts on this subject, I can only imagine how much ignorance the rest of the Rethug contingent displays. ... I take that back, I don't have to imagine; I know.

Update: I must have at least some influence as I got an unsolicited email from a reader's rep (i.e. community manager) at the HuffPo with the claim that my commenting privileges became inadvertently deactivated. So, apparently once again I can comment, and I can maintain my spotless record of never being banned from a site. Like I said, HuffPo have a great attitude and a fine pool of writers ... excepting for this guy Learsy.


Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unsurprisingly, Learsy has a background not in science nor engineering, but in finance and commodity trading. Old traders have experienced so many ups and downs in the markets that they think oil is just another cyclical trading vehicle. I'm sure he's a global warming denier, too.

It deeply saddens me to know how many ignoramuses live in our midst. It saddens me even more that a major ignoramus has apparently overtaken Obama in the race for the presidency. Here's hoping his lies do him in and the Bradley voting effect is minimal.

7:31 PM  
Professor Blogger WHT said...

Indeed, the Bradley effect as in Tom Bradley, not Bill Bradley. Can't stand the cowardly racist pigs who hide behind fake responses to questionnaires. My moniker may be fake, but my opinions are truthful.

9:58 AM  
Professor Blogger Khanh Phat said...

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12:14 AM  

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